The 36th meeting of the Eurasia Coordination Council and the Coordination Expert Group, hosted by the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajikaeronavigation", will be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on 23-26 April, 2019. Participation in the meeting has been already confirmed by all the members of the Eurasia Coordination Council.

The traditional reports on the latest developments since the last Council meeting in October, 2018, will be presented by the Directors of the ANSPs. It should be pointed out that currently the chairmanship of the Coordination Council is held by the Russian air navigation services provider, FSUE State ATM Corporation.

The purpose of the Eurasia Coordination Council is to increase efficiency in solving the air traffic management issues that affect interests of the neighboring States, as well as developing coordinated proposals for the national aviation administrations on state regulation in the field of air traffic management. Eurasia Coordination Council members are the following: FSUE State ATM Corporation, RSE "Kazaeronavigation" (Kazakhstan), "Azeraeronavigation" (Azerbaijan), SE "Belaeronavigation" (Belarus), CJSC ARMATS (Armenia), SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigation" (Kyrgyzstan), SUE Tajikaeronavigation (Tajikistan) and Uzaeronavigation Center (Uzbekistan).


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